2024-04-15 Links

Daily Reads:

Ewan McIntosh: Design for the trickiest customer on the worst day. Think like an engineer, not like a shrewd accountant. Test the assumptions of what’s being done today.

Colin Newlyn: You are not your job. You are infinitely more than that.

Complement Colin’s post with Stowe Boyd’s "May No New Thing Arise" the executives who are so strongly motivated to undertake change initiatives — because it sends signals of action to shareholders and markets — are unlikely ever to cast themselves as an accounting clerk or an engineer, being made into mincemeat in the grinder of the newest grand change scheme.


Companies do not transform. People do.
-Rishad Tobaccowala


Mark Knopfler: From the new album One Deep River Tunnel 13. MK has a knack for making history accessible through verse and tune.