2024-01-24 (No) Links

It was a pretty hot day and didn’t get any reading or podcast listening done. Music was in the background while I mustered just enough energy to tidy up the shelves. I discovered the largest hidden cache of paper – usable or recyclable – to have been found in 2024. Also discovered close by was the second largest collection of pens, pencils and other assorted stationery accumulated from 11 years, and 6 years of school work and projects!


I begin to see what marriage is for. It’s to keep people away from each other. Sometimes I think that two people who love each other can be saved from madness only by the things that come between them: children, duties, visits, bores, relations, the things that protect married people from each other.
– Edith Wharton

Sounds like she had a really unhappy spouse too.


Steve Martin & the Steep Canyon Rangers at NPR Tiny Desk Concert. Yep, that Steve Martin.