2023-01-23 Links

Daily Reads:

This is a super idea from Terence Eden on marketing his consultancy company – promotional sweeties. He’s shared the lessons learned so you don’t have to make the mistakes he did yourself.

Seth Godin Out to get you When things don’t go the way we hope, one alternative is to look hard at the system that caused the problem. And another productive strategy is to figure out what to do with what we get, instead of seeking to find the villain that’s causing our problem.

Richard Merrick is another author who seems to be able to peer into my soul, and then put into words the amorphous wisps of thoughts evaporating from there. Reflections 21 January

Catherine Price: Why Having Fun Is The Secret to a Healthier Life. Focus on prioritising fun through the components – playfulness, connection, and flow. Fascinating talk.

Minnie Driver reads a letter about waxing strips. via Letters of Note


The gods of the valley are not the gods of the hills.
– Ethan Allen, revolutionary


Steve Goodman "Banana Republics" and "The 20th Century Is Almost Over".