2024-01-17 Links

Daily Reads:

Gaping Void, on the powerful impact of storytelling about the UK Post Office scandal and tragedy. ITV’s show Mr. Bates Vs The Post Office is credited with resurrecting the implications of the saga that had its last prosecution in 2015!

“Writing for me is and always has been an attempt to capture a moment in time, to capture a feeling, capture an observation, capture a conversation that serve as a sort of time capsule that allows me to remember who I have been in relationship to the world around me.” Rob Walker shines a light on poet Clint Smith’s poem, and a creative idea for imagining how a smell might look like, or a sound might smell like.. ad infinitum. Shuffle Your Senses

Manuel Morales is scathing about AI companies stealing ‘inspiration’. and rightly so. If a human does it


Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful.
\ – Margaret Wheatley


Johann Sebastian Bach was a coffee lover? Who would have thought! Coffee Cantata aka Schweigt_stille,_plaudert_nicht,_BWV_211