2024-01-16 Links

A significant number of events took place from the 13th until this evening so there’s been a snowball’s chance in hell of doing any reading.

Daily Reads:

Hidde de Vries on sharing links

Open Culture: Bertrand Russell and Buckminster Fuller on Why We Should Work Less, and Live and Learn More.

Brad Carter: A system for really remembering stuff. This one hits home hard for a collector of links like me. The reason I collect links is for the benefit of the people I know might be interested.

Seth Godin: The generous ask. When we offer to help someone get to where they were going, we’re approaching the relationship with generosity, not selfishness.

John Hagel: The Paradox of Progress


Lay-offs are also always a symptom of exec incompetence.
\– Baldur Bjarnasson


Muireann Bradley Candyman