2024-01-11 Links

Daily Reads:

I love reading Alex Hayward-Waterhouse’s blog posts. He says while he’s recently been opening his blog posts with "At the advanced age of 81", he’s isn’t quite done yet.

Simon Wardley on why Cynefin and Wardley Maps are complementary tools Bears reading a few times. I’ve not tried the OnlineWardleyMaps tool yet.

Listened to Will Larson on Lenny’s podcast.

Saw this stunning photo taken by Valerio Minato. Already glowing in the darkness, the hilltop Basilica of Superga sits directly in the center of the Monviso mountain with the moon precisely framing the pair. HT Grace Ebert.


From the music of the day by Jackson Browne:

I don’t know what to say about these days
I’m seeing people changing in the strangest ways
Even in the richer neighborhoods
People don’t know when they’ve got it good
They’ve got the envy and they’ve got it bad


Jackson Browne – The Long Way Around