2024-01-09 Links

Daily Reads:

Edward Donner fine tuned a LLM on 240K test messages

Simon Willison has made peace with using the term AI – rather than explicitly calling it LLMs.

Prof. Ethan Mollick sees signs and portents in the year ahead for AI

Fabian Pfortmuller on The challenges of building community

Maria Popova shares 17 lessons from 17 years of Marginalian I missed this from October last year.

An interview with Dr. Gladys McGarey, the Mother of Holistic Medicine, who is 103 years old.

Derek Sivers: When in doubt, try the difference. Useful ideas.

Oliver Burkeman: The eight secrets to a (fairly) fulfilled life


The only viable solution is to make a shift: from a life spent trying not to neglect anything, to one spent proactively and consciously choosing what to neglect, in favour of what matters most.
– Oliver Burkeman


Freddie White: Tenderness on the Block