2023-12-30 Building Slides From Obsidian Notes

I’ve spent much of the day learning how to create slides in Obsidian, using an amazing plug-in called Advanced Slides that I linked to [[2023-12-26 Links#^b75353 | a few days ago]]. I’ve been reading documentation, and trying things out.

I took a YouTube video from Duarte about presentation mindsets and turned them into a basic set of slides. I then took a blog post from Leo Babauta about mindset changes, and turned that into a more interesting/advanced set of slides, including speaker notes, background images that are hyperlinks from Unsplash (what happens when I don’t have an internet connection? 🤔).

Creating Layouts using <grid> or <split> features is the bee’s knees. There’s a lot more to go before I can be comfortable in creating templates and the like but for now, I’m pretty pleased with how far I’ve come, and excited about how much farther I can go. Who knew markdown could get this interesting?!

NvdH had a short video that showed all this. The fun is being able to do it myself 😅

PS: I’ve not figured out how to embed or share the presentations. Learning in public is important to me, even if I’m the only one reading and looking through this stuff. Something to figure out.


The love of one’s country is a splendid thing. But why should love stop at the border? – Pablo Casals, cellist, conductor, and composer


Leonard Cohen in Warsaw Poland in 1985. His opening remarks about the politics caught my attention.