2023-12-27 Links

Daily Reads:

Andy Chaleff in conversation with Dart Lindsley on the Work for Humans podcast

Some takeaways:

  • No one tells you when they stop trusting you
  • trust and respect on a 2x 2 grid. Dismissive when high trust and low respect. Skeptical when low trust and high respect
  • you are allowed to have beliefs but when they are blind beliefs and you use them to judge other people‚Äôs behaviour is when it becomes a problem
  • culture as shared expectations

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Plain Text

Tris Oaten of No Boilerplate makes the case for documenting everything as default, and shares some of his own decision records that work well for small teams.

Bernadette Mayer’s List of Journal Ideas

Pretty sure I’ve picked this up before, but it was a good reminder from Rob Walker nonetheless

The Changing Room Illusion

I’ve watched this a few times now, and am still fascinated at how little I can actually catch.


If we would have new knowledge, we must get us a whole world of new questions.
\ -Susanne Langer, philosopher


Leonard Cohen: Dance Me To The End of Love