2023-12-26 Links

Daily Reads:

I got a book recommendation: Gabrielle Lakomski, Managing without Leadership. I’ve not read this book, nor found a reasonably priced copy yet, so will go on the backburner for a bit.

What to do with all those notes? Nicole van der Hoeven has ideas that she freely shares. Absolute goldmine of content from this generous lady!

Learning HTML & CSS is starting to payoff already – the Advanced Slides plugin for Obsidian creates some stunning slides with just markdown text wrapped in CSS magic spells. A huge thank you to MSzturc


I don’t want to be a great leader; I want to be a man who goes around with a little oil can and when he sees a breakdown, offers his help. To me, the man who does that is greater than any holy man in saffron-colored robes. The mechanic with the oilcan: that is my ideal in life.

– Baba Amte, social worker and activist


The Milk Carton Kids – Live From the Lincoln Theatre – never gets old