2023-11-20 Links

Daily Reads:

Ash Maurya shared a 3 step process for building better products at JustProduct2023. The ideas that Bob Moesta speaks about in his books Learning to Build and Demand Side Sales are both referenced in oblique ways. Prof. Clayton Christensen’s Jobs To Be Done Theory is an explicit callout.

I’ve been listening James Altucher’s conversation with Merrick Furst on repeat.

Between these three, I have enough insights and frameworks to work full time on the program that really was a side project for the last few months.

McKinsey’s advice to CFO’s on GenAI has this zinger: two-thirds of respondents reported that their functions were digitally connected and using data for the basics such as visualization in dashboards.


The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must.
– Athenians after annihilating the adult men on Melos

HT: Paul Orlando’s Unintended Consequences


Leonard Cohen: Come Healing offers a solace from the horrors of the world around me.