2023-11-12 Links

Spent this evening watching concerts and contests at the local conservatorium of music, with some incredibly talented children performing on the bassoon, flute, double bass, guitar, vocals, piano, and a stellar performance on the violin by the last years winner of the scholarships.

Daily Reads:

Matt Mullenweg translates internalspeak into externalspeak about the leaked news about Automattic’s decision to wind back effort on Tumblr.

Humans feel, machines compute, and other truth bombs in this great conversation between Josh Bernoff and Rishad Tobaccowalla on his "What next" podcast

Ethan Mollick describes both the perils and the opportunities from the lates release from OpenAI in Almost an agent, what a GPT can do

John Durrant makes the point that ritual is significant in enhancing the essence of the experience resulting in greater connection in this post: Ritual and connection I got thinking about the rituals I’ve created for myself and the people I work with, and the strength of the resulting connections.


Mastery is the ritual practice of connection.
– John Durrant


Tribute to John Prine on NPR Tiny Desk