2023-10-21 Links

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"I have the privilege of no longer having to burn myself out to pay the bills.And I’m learning that with this privilege comes the responsibility to no longer overwork when I have the choice not to.Because we’re all interconnected. And each time I work through lunch or trade sleep for productivity or reply to an email outside of work hours, I’m normalising these things. Each time I overwork, I’m contributing to societal expectations that other women do the same.We don’t all have freedom from having to work inhumanely long hours just to get by.But if we do, let’s use our freedom to try to create a society that truly honours the needs of our minds, bodies and souls.Let’s normalise generous, nourishing lunch breaks.Let’s normalise getting enough sleep.Let’s normalise ignoring our emails out of hours.Let’s normalise unfinished to-do lists.Let’s normalise average.Let’s normalise unproductive.Let’s normalise imperfect.Let’s normalise naps.Let’s normalise play.Let’s normalise rest.🌷"
– Tracy Durnell

I agree. I’m on this boat now, too.


The White Horse Guitar Club – Wide River to Cross