2023-10-19 Links

I created an opportunity for some wonderful friends to meet, talk, and enjoy a meal together in the company of each other, despite the challenges of life. I am richer for it, and I hope they all have similar sentiments.

Daily Reads:

I probably should have known this, but I’m glad I found out now about the right way to pour beer into a glass

Nathan Baugh’s list of 77 character archetypes will come in handy in my speechwriting. Likewise with Stephanie Green’s reminder that starting with the bottomlineis a better storytelling approach in the business world.

David Cain’s write up on ways to make your mind a little more quieter resonate strongly.


“A king fortifies himself with a castle, a gentleman with a desk.”
– Kristin Hannah


Chet Atkins and friends (1987) goes on for an hour, and is soul-filing.