2023-10-09 Links

Daily Reads:

How Coda runs effective multi-threaded meetings with a meeting template included.

Listened to Lenny’s podcast with Oji Udezue. The single biggest idea to take away for me from this 75min podcast is on finding the sharpest problem and solving it effectively. Customers love when it saves them time (3x is when they open up wallets says OU), and are a lot more forgiving of mistakes.

Ash Maurya: How to deliver an effective elevator pitch. The short version of this article is "When {customer} encounters a {job trigger}, they need to do {job} to achieve {desired outcome}. They would typically use {existing alternatives}, but because of {macro switching trigger}, these {existing alternatives} no longer work because of {these problems}. Left unaddressed, then {this is what is at stake.} So we built a solution that helps {customers} achieve {desired outcomes} by helping them {unique value proposition.}"


Hallux: A device for finding furniture in the dark.
More anatomically correct, the name for the the big toe.
– From Anu Garg’s AWAD newsletter today.


Kent Nishimura does a wonderful acoustic solo on guitar. Sara Smile Darryl Hall and John Oates