2023-10-08 Links

Daily Reads:

Arnold Kling: the trouble with booksis that they are too long. They have low information density. Instead of writing a book, write a Substack instead. That’s the premise of this Substack.

This HBR article makes a rather bold claim – You can radically change your organisation in one week. That’s less time than it gets to find time in an exec’s calendar in some of the organisations I’ve worked in!

Roger Martin: Who Should Do Strategy I’m beginning to see why Roger Martin ranks so high in my networks’ reading. Any line executive who abdicates responsibility for creating strategy to an external strategy consultant deserves to be removed. That person isn’t really an executive officer.

Seth Godin counters the advice on getting it right the first time with "Get it wrong the first time". Yep, that’s right – because NEVER does a masterpiece happen on the first try.



Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.
– Stephen King, novelist


Caravania full album of their Gypsy Jazz Session, recorded in one take. Sensational!