2023-09-08 Links

Another day of little reading. Spent time with the people I love and care about, and in great conversation with newly made acquaintances.

Daily Reads:

Ash Maurya: 4 pitches every founder should master

The Monkey Business illusion is even more startling when you have watched the previous version and know of the gorilla!

I cackled loudly at this episode of Black Books because one of the characters is a comically accurate representation of a person I know.


Management also needs to live with not being able to set specific strategic goals. Instead of managing the organization like a ship, steering it one direction or another, they need to concentrate on managing its capabilities, nurture the system it has, and plan around the kinds of outcomes the company is capable of instead of specific ones. – Baldur Bjarnason


I love this version of John Prine’s rendition of "Hello in There". The man was a captivating storyteller in verse and tune, using few simple chords and a basic picking pattern. It hurts to hear the truth: "Old people just grow lonesome, waiting for someone to say hello in there, hello".