2023-09-07 Links

Daily Reads:

My RSS feeds are overflowing with content but it was another slow reading day. I made some memories instead, spending time with a dearly loved one.

I skimmed through a couple of articles that caught my attention.

There are a few structures for good Copywriting offered in this article. They are storytelling techniques of course, and many echo the ones I’ve observed or used previously. Handy list, nonetheless.

This short list of verbs for an effective resume will be useful to someone (future me?).

Steve Blank shares an early career experience in Profound Beliefs. Plenty of insights, but most memorable for me was the matrix of consequences between beliefs and customer discovery
Blank suggests that strong beliefs that are validated or modified by evidence gathered outside the building are worth their weight in gold. This resonates strongly, & also confirms my own learning in the last 3 years on a project that I ‘pioneered’ within the organisation.

Prof. Emily Bender makes a nuanced case for why research scholarship should be slow. I much prefer this take over what was her original short-form post about arXiv being a cancer (a breathtaking claim in a tweet/X). Her post was reinforcement of a comment that my colleague & friend Rod made to me that the value of identifying content as human generated will continue to hold, if not increase.


We offer great rewards to a man who can tame a tiger, admire those who can train horses, monkeys, and elephants, and praise to the skies the author of some modest work. Yet we neglect women who have spent years and years nourishing and educating children. -Francois Poulain, author, philosopher, and priest (?? Jul 1647-1723)


I’m loving this YouTube channel that has tabs on some classic Django Reinhardt tunes. Another waltz titled Indifference Valse that I would love to learn next.