2023-08-08 Links

Daily Reads:

Tom Nolles has a good hard look at the business cases behind Generative AI through the lens of earnings reports, and is not convinced. You need a business case for anything to drive massive market changes. There has to be buyers willing to pay and sellers able to profit. Right now, we’re in the venture stage of generative AI, the stage where everyone is excited except the accountants, who are increasingly frightened. The fact is that there are many valuable AI applications, but those applications use something different from the generative AI models we see, use, and hear about. Many are really machine learning, a few add some neural network processing, and a very small number are based on a less resource-intensive form of deep learning or large language modeling, but trained and used on specialized and even user-specific data.

Important advice:

Emily Bender’s latest post about a baby peacock reminded me of The Lindy Effect. (Sounds more impressive when you say Lindy Effect? 😉 The future life-expectancy of some non-perishable thing is proportional to their current age.

Leo Babuta has a gentle reminder: 5 ways to reduce stress levels

These last few weeks, I’ve been ruminating on the tools I’ve used over the years to collect information: digital, analog, my own (degrading) memory. Diving headlong into Zettelkasten and Obsidian a few weeks ago, I’ve realised how much this simple text based tool has changed the way I am working, not only in collecting information but synthesizing it, connecting it, and dare I say even sharing the links. Discovering the relationships between ideas is so powerful. Richard Merrick’s post today about The Tools We Use was serendipitous, & put that into words better than I could, of course.

Robert Wringham features Megan Kelso as an example of showing up, and continuing to make comics long after she made a public commitment. Hilarious choice of words of course: Catfood Omelettes > I plan to be drawing comics when I am an old, old, woman, barring early death or a freak accident. Maybe I’ll own a skating rink or maybe I’ll be living on catfood omelettes in a damp basement apartment, but I WILL be making comics.

Dan Cable explains disengagement from boring work in this Big Think YouTube video. Sick observations about modern management practices. 💙 The idea of removing meaning from job and curiosity from job was intentional.

Bob Ewing: How to get people to care. I’ve not heard Sandy’s story before, and Ewing makes a compelling argument to use pathos to get peolpe to care.


There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently something that should not have been done at all. – Peter Drucker


Geoff Castellucci’s rendition of Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues. The comments on Geoff’s YT videos are hilarious always, including this one that I paraphrase: "I think I just got pregnant listening to Geoff, & I’m a man."_