2023-08-02 Links

Daily Reads:

Obsidian question: How do you save quotes? Lots of ideas here to inspire but I’ll have to figure out what works best in my workflow for myself.

Elizabeth Minkel: Why Generative AI Won’t Disrupt Books Loved it entirely, and the QOTD below. I’m bemused with the obsession right now with ‘generative text’, saving oneself a lot of time in creating content. Who’s actually reading the rubbish you’re creating? And if writing or art is really for thinking, does it make sense to give that up to the machines?

Only fresh for a few days: The State of Open Source LLM models

Darius Foroux: To make a lot of money, observe the future Clickbaity headline, & it caught my attention for sure.

you’ll want to observe and analyze facts: Study the economy, understand technological changes, and see how these factors impact our daily lives.


… plain old reading still works for huge numbers of people, many of whom pick up books because they want to escape and not be the main character for a while. -Elizabeth Minkel


Needed Leonard Cohen’s reminder in the Anthem about cracks in everything – that’s how the light gets in.