2023-07-25 Links

Ethan Mollick on Holding back the AI tide:https://www.oneusefulthing.org/p/on-holding-back-the-strange-ai-tide The scientists and engineers designing AI, as capable as they are, have no particular expertise on how AI can best be used, or even how and when it should be used. We get to make those decisions. But we have to recognize that the AI tide is rising, and that the time to decide what that means is now.

Word of the day: pastiche: an artistic style that imitates that of another work, artist, or period

Hydraloop is an interesting concept that has turned into reality what I’ve pondered about while doing the dishes – why can’t water that is used once (like the shower or washing machine or the kitchen sink) be used to water the garden?

Anne H Petersen on what community we have. Worth reflecting on.