2023-07-16 Links

Strategy in Praxis: Emergent Organisations

Tony Kulsea: A Relatively Small Amount of Force What you’re really doing (and to the dismay of some observers, all you’re really doing) when you start a startup is committing to solve a harder type of problem than ordinary businesses do

“women relate face to face, men relate shoulder to shoulder” – Richard Reeves

Ed Brenegar: Start Right. now If you want to be strong, or find the strength to be resilient, do these five things: Educate Yourself. Simplify Your Life. Create a Purpose for Impact. Establish a Network of Relationships. Write to Understand What You Think & Feel.

Puzzle Theory there are no cheat codes for people. You’ve actually got to use empathy with each other and build a community made of three dimensional human beings

Ben Werdmuller: How I think about Technical LeadershipThe output of a technical team is not code

Amber Case: How To Identify Truthy Trends After seeing outbreaks of truthiness repeatedly come and go for several decades, I’ve started to wonder if there is any reliable way for us to immunize ourselves against technology’s most grandiose, unsustainable promises. Maybe it’s just human nature for us to get momentarily excited about the latest bauble. Perhaps all we can do is keep in mind that being dazzled by truthiness is basically part of our DNA. Truthful tech, by contrast, wins out over the long haul!