2023-06-25 Links

Robin Hanson: Defy Your Neck-Hairs

Rob Walker: Never again, in a good way. I’ve toyed with the idea of a gratitude journal, never successfully.A learning journal (or a never-again journal) is more enticing, but again this particular user is not consistent 😉

Xinyue Wei: Delight in the everyday

I resonate with the lessons in this video about football strategy  in a non-football context

“People like to say that feelings aren’t facts, which is true BUT one thing I have come to understand is that other people’s feelings are facts to them. The irony of the ‘facts aren’t feelings’ crowd is that they spend all this time trying to argue other people out of their feelings… as if that has ever worked. As if that’s not a super emotional and irrational thing in and of itself. The sooner you accept that a person feels a certain way and meet them there (or just let it go), the sooner you can come to a resolution and an understanding (or just move on with your life).” Ryan Holiday

All success is a lagging indicator. – also Ryan Holiday. I remember this often at work.

Rands in Repose: Ask questions, repeat the hard parts, and listen

Sara Canaday: How do you measure your effectiveness as a leader?

David Perell: How Learning Happens

David Epstein: Pour out lesser ideas to get greater ones

Henrik Karlsson: Podcasts and the age of enlightenment

Five thoughts of a dying professor, University of Waterloo