2023-05-25 Links

Down a memory lane: Jobs Demo’ing the Apple Mac

I did not know Maria Montessori’s story, and I’m glad I didn’t skip reading this story! Long Now: The Epoch of the Child

A conversation with economist Daron Acemoglu (FT): “Yes, you got progress,” Acemoglu says, “but you also had costs that were huge and very long-lasting. A hundred years of much harsher conditions for working people, lower real wages, much worse health and living conditions, less autonomy, greater hierarchy. And the reason that we came out of it wasn’t some law of economics, but rather a grassroots social struggle in which unions, more progressive politics and, ultimately, better institutions played a key role — and a redirection of technological change away from pure automation also contributed importantly.”

Ed Brenegar: Seeing Below the Surface of Things Ed’s writing on certain topics resonates strongly with me, while others I still have a while to go to learn what he sees and why.

“Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you have been buried, when actually you have been planted” – Christine Caine (HT ASR)

Sarah Canaday: Leading on the Tightrope. “Business is not a democracy” is the most telling line.