2023-05-21 Links

Milani Creative has a wonderful newsletter of visuals- like this one about telephoto vs wideangle thinking

Peter Senge: ““Leadership is the capacity of a human community to shape its future”.

Geoff Marlow: The Double Disconnect

The Double Disconnect is more prevalent than execs recognise?

A fascinating interaction between two giants Donald Knuth & Stephen Wolfram involving ChatGPT. Quoting: I find it fascinating that novelists galore have written for decades about scenarios that might occur after a “singularity” in which superintelligent machines exist. But as far as I know, not a single novelist has realized that such a singularity would almost surely be preceded by a world in which machines are 0.01% intelligent
(say), and in which millions of real people would be able to interact
with them freely at essentially no cost.”

Seth Godin: Which sort of sinecure? “The places we inhabit are external, for sure, based on how the world treats us. But they’re often internally driven as well, a story that felt comfortable for a while. But if that story has created a stable place of ennui, dread or dissatisfaction, it might pay to find someone who can help us see that it’s possible to move on.”

What makes sad music sad? (NYT)

Orca-nised crime!

What do triangles & game design have in common? This video was an eye-opener for me