2023-04-29 Links

The LangChain AI Handbook

John Hagel: What does Strategy really mean? “Strategy will be about anticipating growing unmet needs of people outside the organization and developing approaches that can deliver more and more distinctive impact over time by addressing those needs.”

Kate ONeill: AI is not a strategy

LEGO Group’s Loren Shuster on their people-first approach: “The LEGO Group sees children as role models. They inspire us because they are forever learners. Our mission in return is to inspire and develop them because they are the builders of tomorrow.”

Robin Hanson on Rejection Bias: “Why do we define so many social conditions using impossibly high standards? Let me suggest that we set excess standards to make it easier to reject each other.”

Five Graphs that changed the world

Quintin ponders if ChatGPT will reinvigorate another ‘old’ invention, PGP