2023-03-28 Links

Ben Thompson: ChatGPT learns computing.  Plugins for ChatGPT are, in my rather naive view, the innovation that propels LLM’s into everyday tools. I look around at the people in my carriage on the train, and most people are going by their day seemingly unimpressed with this 🙂

Some questions from Shawn Blanc:
* What am I not seeing?
* What do you want to do?
* Why do you want to do it?
* How are you going to do it?
* When are you starting?

Robin Hanson (Overcoming bias): LLM’s for on-brand org text

Knowledge on a chip (tweet Brian Roemmle)

Tyler Cowen: Existential Threats, AI, & the Inevitable turn in human history

Matt Eskridge on Nuanced Thinking