2023-02-26 Links

Fred Wilson on What does “native” mean.  The post echoes a similar conversation I was having with one of my kids about starting with the atomic units of understanding and allowing imagination to build up combinations from there.

The Kings of Strings. Mindblowing performance

Colin Newlyn on the 4 Day Work week:  ask your employees how to do it. Sounds banal advice, but it’s a sad state of affairs that few employers do!

Noah Smith advises against being a doomer: “If we start to see everything in the world as a mortal threat, it makes us incapable of focusing our efforts on the actual priorities.”

Steve McCrone shares a strategy for uncertainty. An bomb disposal expert in a past life, this conversation is full of pithy nuggets (“do all your thinking before you put on your bomb suit”)

In a constrained financial environment, what should innovators do? Strategyzer has some ideas.

Where do the super rich go for rehab?

Dave Snowden explains Sense-making & Complexity.  This resonates really strongly with me – and there’s so much to learn about.