2023-02-03 Links

Noah Smith’s attempts to get ChatGPT to write for him have “have all ended in failure, for one simple reason: ChatGPT routinely spews out a lot of fake “facts”.  (behind a paywall)

Richard Merrick on Connection & Influence: “If we want to change things for ourselves and those we care for, it starts with conversations with those we are connected to. Exploring what matters, discovering what small changes we might make, and who else we might want to connect to – properly connect to and converse with, rather than just ping someone on social media and hope.” John Boyd’s quote on vision there is perspicuous.

A series of blog posts on the “most important century” from Holden Karnofsky. Bookmarking here for ongoing reading. I’m particularly interested in this idea on how to spread messages:find ways to help people understand the core parts of the challenges we might face, in as much detail as is feasible.”

ChatGPT sets the record for the fastest growing user-base – it’s already hit 100m users in 2 months!

Loved this story about Marines defeating a AI surveillance system

Robin Hansen hypothesizes on Why Is Everyone So Boring