2023-01-31 Links

“it is possible to obtain dense human body poses from WiFi signals by utilizing deep learning architectures commonly used in computer vision.”🤯

Apple Macbook experience – offered here because I didn’t have a chance to read much today:
I bought a M2 Macbook Pro in late August, & it’s been working well with one annoying exception – it seemed to have an uneven base, and wobbled constantly on my desk. I put it down to an uneven table, & didn’t worry too much about it. Today, I was in the office, & was talking to a colleague about it. He too has a M2 Mac Pro, and he said that was unusual, & worth taking it to an Apple store.  I did (insert an hour and half of logistics) and walked out of the store with a new laptop. While battery swelling (or whatever it’s called) is a real thing, my machine didn’t have that, and yet was slightly out of shape. I’d noticed the wobble from day 0, and not the slight bend. In any case, I’m a happy customer of the Apple experience.