2023-01-25 Links

Novel early practical uses for quantum computing, using a technique called annealing. D-Wave is the company that offers a commercial solution.

20 podcasts to listen to over this year, thanks to Ryan Holiday’s compilation.

Hire – and manage – for passsion, says this HBR article.

A fantastic conversation: Carla Harris’ talking with Adam Grant on finding & being a great mentor.

on GPT

A view on the technical difficulty of censoring LLM‘s. I’m not sure I understand this perspective well enough, but if the training data is controlled/limited, wouldn’t the output be limited too?

Google pioneered much of the foundational research that has since led to the recent explosion in large language models.. After the clusterfuck response to its own researchers work, Google is now starting to talk about all the research it has been doing on LLMs.

Tyler Cowen’s latest Bloomberg column  on how quickly LLM’s are getting better.

They are not always reliable, but they are often useful for new ideas and inspirations, not fact-checking.

I’ve started dividing the people I know into three camps: those who are not yet aware of LLMs; those who complain about their current LLMs; and those who have some inkling of the startling future before us.