2023-01-14 Links

Anne-Laure Le Cunff on Change Fatigue:

Change fatigue mostly arises when we feel like we’re not in control of the never-ending chaos that keeps on derailing our routines and forces us to constantly adapt. Very often, it is the case that change itself is unavoidable. What we have some control over, however, is how we react to change.

Dr. Hannah Rose explains how a family trip to Abilene gone wrong led to an observation called the Abilene paradox:

this unfortunately common situation where a group of people agree to an idea, despite most of them not fully believing that it is the best decision.

Robin Dunbar explains how the Dunbar number is more a series of numbers, or concentric circles, rather than an absolute



David Clowery, a songwriter, has a different take on the “Open” part of OpenAI.

Tom Krazit on why MS needs OpenAI & is worth the $10b price tag

AI recommendation of books on AI