2023-01-08 Links

Investing a little extra into my slideware gives me much greater control over my storytelling in presentations. I’m grateful to this insanely talented, creative and generous gentleman on YouTube¬†for the inspiration to lift my own game a notch (and many more to aspire to climb)

Geoff Marlow: Culture is inherently an embodied experience,¬†brought to life through the clues, cues, signs and signals picked up from seven channels. He brings to life research from the 1990’s on organisational transformation, with the 7 channels of culture: Persuasive communication, participation, role modelling, expectancy, structural rearrangement, extrinsic rewards & coercion.

Ed Brenegar on Synthetic Awareness. Ed’s writing often resonates strongly with me. I’ve said to him in one of our first interactions that his writing gave me a vocabulary to think about myself in a way I’ve not been able to before.

On ChatGPT (this is going to be a standing item for a while?):