2023-01-02 Links

John Hagel, Increase the power of your narratives.  Distinguishing between stories & narratives has been a practical way to improve my communication, both with myself and with those around me. Re-reading this multiple times during the course of the year.

DeepMind, UCL Course on Reinforcement Learning. My colleague Andrew has been telling me about this for a while. After (finally) watching the DeepMind AlphaGo documentary yesterday, I finally started to watch the series.

Doug Savage’s cartoon on New Year Resolutions

VC Fred Wilson has a 2 part post on his observations on 2022 & his predictions for 2023. TL;DR: Buckle up for a tough few months, and keep eyes peeled out for opportunity.

Ben Kuhn: Why & how to write on the internet. Worth reading in full. There are several rabbit holes to go down if you care about any of it.