Working week

The last three days, I’ve been unable to do any of the things that keep me grounded and centred.  Judgement can get clouded, and things that really add nothing to the quality of my life seem to creep into the time I don’t have.

“Work from the office for the benefits of collaboration”, the powers that be plead. At the same time, as much as half the office space remains under lock and key because few people heed the ‘request’. The hour-long commute for most people is a dampener. Meeting people face to face after two years is great – for a few minutes. The struggle of finding enough time to get through work while trying to keep up with all the socials gets pretty daunting pretty quickly.  The late nights started to eat into my energy levels, and consequently my mood and behaviour.


I met some amazing people for the first time. I had deep meaningful conversations. I discovered new perspectives and postures, and shared some of mine. I pushed up against the boundaries of my own thinking and choices, and felt comfortable with the guardrails I have for myself.  I coordinated a jam session that truly brought people together – and even a couple of execs joined in. I caught up with friends for dinner. My finances project was sorted (mostly).

There were choices I made that I’m not comfortable with. There were some situations I did not feel included in, and will precipitate other life decisions.