When a town wins the lotto [Article]

Michael Paterniti discovers Sodeto, a tiny village in Spain which won the largest lottery in the history of Spain. The entire town! 720 million Euros! Stories from that village:

Paco buys Marisol, his hairdresser wife, a new wedding ring. Marisol goes to New York with her sisters and stands in Times Square, an unimaginable dream, which is when it occurs to her that she’s really won. At home, Paco and Marisol buy a bigger tank “for pig pee and excrement,” to make fertilizer. “When you have 2,500 pigs and you go from 600- to 800-liter tanks, it saves a lot of time,” says Paco. “And your quality of life gets a little better.”

Is life good since then? Read on to find out.

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