I’ve become involved with a local radio station in an official volunteer capacity. I decided to do so because it is indeed something I’ve long been interested in. While I’ve helped out on and off, this time round when the lady I’ve been assisting wondered if I was up to take on a role, I agreed without hesitation.

In the few hours since I got elected to the Board, I’ve learnt so much about human behavior. Whether it’s over-estimating their own importance,  getting on the offensive at the collective but targeting the softest target, the desire to do big creditable things but the unwillingness to put in the effort, the list goes on.

It’s easy to feel disheartened at this – to worry am I going to get caught in the middle?

I choose not to. I spent a few hours today, reviewing the state of affairs. Strategy, finance, technology, website, payment systems, content management, membership, nearly every one of those areas can be improved, substantially, with a little effort. The question I grappled with almost instantly was should I focus on the areas of my strength, or where it is most valuable for the organisation. Given the composition of my fellow team, I think focus on strategy and finance for the next couple of months are quintessential. Taking a broader, longer-term view, rebuilding after the horror of CoVID-induced destruction will be my gift to the community I’ve chosen to help.