Valuing Values

In Dare to Lead, Brene Brown challenges the reader to find the two core values from a long list. It was an exercise I have put off because of course it is hard. This morning, sitting down with my notebook and pen, I marinated over the list, listing out about a dozen that resonated with me. Choosing two? Impossible in the moment.  Not impossible if I stay with it for a while, which I will do over the course of this week.

Ask, and you’ll be given. I did, and received – time with an expert I watched a few days ago, demonstrating the skills of synthesis, sense-making, rephrasing, distilling and clarifying are incredibly valuable when working with ideas. Remember to pay it forward too.

Early to bed, and early to rise. The benefit was 2.5 clear hours this morning. Keep that going will be useful – insanely valuable.