Trades and Habits

So this replaces our daily walk – moving a ton of soil across into the garden beds will let me sleep well tonight 🙂 My enterprising wife traded this for a 6-pack of beer for the lads who hauled it over to our driveway from some worksite.

Coincidentally, my friend LR shared a link to “One red paperclip” – a series of 14 trades by Canadian blogger Kyle MacDonald to get himself a two-story farmhouse!


Last night, I was transported into a blissful world listening to some great music so I totally forgot to do the vocal exercises. Woke up this morning, and got that out of the way for today. It was more useful doing the warm-up exercises for the speaking I did the rest of the day.


A hard copy of James Clear’s book Atomic Habits arrived today. I’m looking forward to reading this and adapting my experiment where it makes sense now, and build a series of experiments for after.