Things that go …. in the night

At about 2am last night, I awoke from deep sleep to a strange sound. I guess all sounds sound strange at 2am, but I’m not usually up at that hour to have any experience in the matter. It continued for what seemed like a long time, & then I realised what it was.. it was my wife, giggling away in her dream, well, it wasn’t giggling as much as peals of laughter. Pointing to our 18month old lying next to her, from deep in her sleep, she repeated “Rapunzel!” a couple of times, & then woke up, but the laughter continued, for a good 5 minutes after.

I shush’d her, trying my 2am brand of logic – “the neighbors might complain of an abusive husband, & the wife cries every night, & I hate to have to explain to the cops that this is how you laugh in your sleep. Shut up & go back to sleep”. It didn’t work, as I found out this morning. “Do you think I’m Mrs. M?” (the caretaker who’s lived with my wife’s family for over 4 decades, & is a bit slow in all matters of the mind, but then again, that is what my wife says!).

And this morning, reciting the happenings of the night to my 6 year old daughter brought forth fresh peals of laughter from the young lady. The toddler, evidently liking the sounds from his sister, added to the din.

I know what Heaven must sound like!


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