The week that was

The week gone by was peculiar.

Someone apparently thought it worth their while to comment on the speed (or lack thereof) of my work. It got me a bit flustered because I usually get commended for turning around pieces of work fairly quickly. Having done many of these tasks previously, I’ve a fairly good sense of how much time something will take, traded off against how often that task will need to be done again (and that has been a recurring theme, pun intended).

What made the feedback troubling was that it was from someone who, on several occasions, been one of the commending folks. What changed was apparently behind the scenes.

C’est la vie


Both my kids have their speeches ready for their class contests – written, polished, read and memorized. It will be an awesome week, regardless of how they place in those contests.


I’ve signed up to Andrew Ng’s Deep Learning course on Coursera. It’s challenging because it is outside my domain expertise, and it’s exciting because I am picking an understanding of things that made little to no sense even a few months ago. Neural Networks built using Python – a snake gotten into my brain.

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