The Voice from the Radio

I grew up listening to the radio. Radio Ceylon, from the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, SW2 (15748kHz?)

We didn’t have a TV at home. Instead, we grew up on a staple diet of books & radio (& of course many other analog entertainment options). Both have remained very much a part of my life, even though both the mediums have gone through a metamorphosis.

Radio is a fascinating medium. You hear a voice, & it paints a picture in your mind.  You have no idea if the picture you’ve got even vaguely resembles the owner of that voice. I started this evening thinking I’d love to find out the names & identities of all those wonderful announcers, newsreaders & radio hosts who taught me so much about how to articulate ideas in English, or curated my taste for all sorts of music.   I don’t know if SLBC still has these channels up.

A search brought up this article – & the name Victor Gunnetilleke.  I know I’m such a nerd :D)

Tonight’s been such a joy, this trip down memory lane. And many thanks to an interview Jonathon Marks did with him in 2003! I don’t know if Victor was one of the announcers, but I’m going to ask the family elders if they remember anyone in particular.


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