The seeds have sprouted!

Earlier this week, in Sunday Markets Inspiration, I wrote about the “$100 in earnings by the end of January” challenge to my young friends, who’d never sold a thing in their short lives.

Yesterday, they had achieved 12% of their goal. Today, with just their second customer, they blew past their goal. They were astounded that it was done with 3 days to spare. Even more so that the demand for their remaining wares is far exceeding their wildest expectations. “Can we double that in the next 3 days?” was the refrain today!

Less than a week ago, $100 was an impossible target because they’d never done it before. Today, Michelangelo’s words were, quintessentially, their reflection: The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”

Their accomplishment deserved celebration, of course. I had a glass of wine on their behalf because they’re not old enough to drink 🙂

The beautiful thing to me is  that in <5 weeks, they’ve discovered what value creation and exchange means, & how to harness it in their quest for financial freedom. They’ve learnt so many things about business models, cash flows, collaboration, marketing, human psychology, creativity, passion, how to prioritise, the value of reflection, stock markets, investing, trading, etc etc … AND applied every thing they learnt in their fledgling business.

Yes, there’s a long way to go but the seed has sprouted. I couldn’t be prouder of them!