The burgeoning Robot Middle Class [Article]

Contrast the MIT Tech Review article wondering how a mass influx of robots affects human employment, to  the International Labour Organisation’s report which warns of social unrest and growing unequality as number of unemployed people worldwide continues to grow.

Imagining the possible future scenarios for middle-class unemployment is a first step to considering ways in which we can preserve our quality of life given the robotic future that will meet us. Without doubt, robots can greatly improve many lives, offering everything from smart prosthetics to home care for the aging. But for humans, the robot future is a mixed bag. [MIT article] 

“In advanced economies, unemployment spells have lengthened and more workers are becoming discouraged and dropping out of the labour market altogether. This not only has adverse consequences on individuals and their families, but also can weaken previously stable societies, as opportunities to advance in a good job and improve one’s standard of living become the exception rather than the rule” [ILO report]

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