Much as I would like to write every day, the busy -ness of life seems to take what little energy I feel left in my body by the time I reach home.

The trains were delayed this morning, by all of .. hold your breath… FOUR minutes! Now, if it was an ambulance or a doctor, it could have been a life & death situation. For the commuters who, I don’t understand why, want to get to work at the precise moment every day, those four minutes must have seemed like an eternity.

A few reactions I overheard – well, actually, I heard, because those voices were as big & loud as their owners.

“Why the f*** can’t the service EVER be on time?”

“These govt. pr***s have no f***ing sense of time”

…you get the idea..

This, at 645 am on a beautiful spring day here on the Coast.

Whatever happened to enjoying the few minutes you get to yourself?

Whatever happened to being grateful to be alive & be able to hop on to a train that gets you to work safely, every day?

Whatever happened to.. whatever…

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