Take your time: There is more to life than simply increasing its speed [Book]

There is more to life than simply increasing its speed. ~ Mahatma Gandhi.

Deeply influenced by a meeting with Gandhi when he was a young lad, Eknath Eswaran is one of the first teachers of what is thought to be the first credit course on meditation offered at a major university in the U.S. at U.C. Berkeley in 1968.  “Take your Time” is a book that I came across & read by chance a few years ago. This is not a book on time- or activity- management. Full of ageless wisdom delivered with gentle humor, this book is worth your time, & your money.

A quote:

“A slower life is not an ineffective life. It is much more effective, much more artistic, much richer than a life lived as a race against the clock. It gives you time to pause, to think, to reflect, to decide, to weigh the pros and cons. It gives you time for relationships.”

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