Shooting one’s foot stuck in oil..

What exactly are they trying to do here?
This is what I see.
Iran has no nuclear weapons. Iran has oil
The West in an oil guzzler.
The West needs all the oil it can get.  One way or the other.
Saudi, UAE, Iraq, Libya. Nigeria. Check.

Iran. Venezuela… hmmm.

the US imposes sanctions & says we don’t need your oil.
The All-lies nod their heads & wag their tails & say ditto.
Europe is a financial basket case. So is US.
Jobs being lost every day.
No sign of recovery in sight.

Great way to shoot yourself in the foot. Go All-lies!

Japan, China, Russia, Brazil & India have agreed with Iran to settle their oil bill in their own currencies, rather than the Humpty-Dumpty US Dollar.

Australia, another subservient spineless All-lie, who doesn’t realise (or maybe doesn’t care) that its mineral resources will soon run out.