Suicide, Assisted [Essays]

Warning: Approach this topic only if you think you are willing to stress test your belief system about life, death & the role medicine. 
Drs. Howard Ball, Philip Nitschke, & Patrick  Lee put forth their views, for & against, on a topic that is guaranteed to shake the very foundations of our concepts of ethics, law & policy as it applies to death. In a couple of states in the US, a terminally ill patient can ask for & receive a prescription from his doctor that can end his life. Physician assisted death (PAD) differs from euthanasia – where the doctor administers the lethal amount to his patient (remember Dr. Jack Kevorkian?).  Dr. Bell opens the discussion with an overview of the ethics, law & policy conflicts of PAD in America. Dr. Nitschke reacts with his opposition to the decriminalization & medicalization of suicide. Dr. Lee wants PAD to remain illegal, & explains why. The discussion continues with Ball responding to the detractors.

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