Style, Socialise and Smell

Nancy Duarte’s company has some wonderful content they publish on their blog.  I watched two of their videos on ideas to present virtually: Content, Design and Delivery. Short, practical and well produced, they were definitely worth the time invested. I have Content listed to watch later.


This weekend we got to see some of our friends in person after nearly 18 months. It was simultaneously exhilarating and exhausting. Learning how to socialise again is important – and tough, particularly after being used to the introverted way of life I have thoroughly enjoyed.

Kids, on the other hand, took much less time to test and engage. Oh, to have a child-like ability to connect and forget.


There were few people on the beach on our walk – schools reopen tomorrow and the freedom-celebrating crowds of the last couple of evenings had all returned to their abodes to prepare perhaps. Low tide meant we could walk over the rocks and take in the sight of waves crashing on the rocks; and take in some surf in the wind. Got home, & my daughter smelt me from afar to say “you smell like fish” 🙂