Stupid Rules

What one rule would you get rid of that would automatically improve the quality of your day?

Referring to Lisa Bodell’s book “Kill the Company”, I read a couple of articles today that wondered what “stupid rules” could be killed that would immediately remove a massive frustration for people in the team.

Reflecting on my own life, I think the rule that kids should be quiet when they’re learning something has my vote. I will struggle with it, particularly with 11-year-old, but it’s incredibly hard to concentrate for any longer than 20 minutes for adults. Why do our learning institutions (and myself included) insist that kids do it for longer than that?

I observed today also something that made me want to contribute what little I can that could potentially help youth and young kids. It will take a lot of self-reflection to reconsider my decision from a couple of decades ago. I left feeling disheartened and worn-down by the bureaucracy and politics and hypocrisy. Has it changed that much? Have I changed since then?